Sunday, November 13, 2011


The Sarasota Chalk Festival is over. I’m back in Australia and I have started to sort through some of my photos. I have attached some images here of the ‘Dragon King’ image that I created, in various stages of development. For more images from the festival visit my chalk flowers blog ( ).For the information of anyone interested in chalk drawings, this image was created using PanPastels and Art Spectrum soft pastels. It is 10 foot by 11 foot and took 3 days to draw. The image contains NO black line work. All of the line work is the product of negative space (the road surface showing through).

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  1. Tony, My friend and I had the pleasure of meeting you that Sunday night of the festival with Ever Galvez. Stunning work, Please say you will be back next year. Do you have a google+ or Facebook where existing and new fans can follow you? Thanks again - Cyn Florida, USA