Saturday, December 26, 2009

ചിസ്റ്മസ് update

Christmas has been good to me this year. I have been given the amazing ‘The Batman vault’ (Running press ISBN 978-0-7624-3663-7) and the very impressive ‘The art of Osamu Tezuka’ (ILEX ISBN 978-1-905814-66-4).
I am also reading ‘Buddha: vol 5 and 6’ (by Osamu Tezuka published by Harper Collins). I love this series.
On the drawing front I plan to post some more Jo Blight images soon. I have to also start work on my entry to the world handmade picture book contest in Japan. This is held by the Oshima Museum of Picture books in Toyama. I have been very lucky to have visited the museum 3 times so far, the last time was in July this year with my family. I intend to post some images from this project on the Blogg as I go. The first image on the post is my starting starting point for my Hand made story. So keep looking for up dates. email me if you have any questions about the competition or the musuem.

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