Monday, June 7, 2010


Now that ‘Gaijin Holiday’ is safe in Japan and I have had a break from cutting, pasting and drawing. It is time to start the next project. I am trying to develop a completely new story and new characters. I am currently thinking and sketching a new work called ‘Ceridwyn’. Ceridwyn is a welsh name from a classic welsh fable about the bard Talisen. The witch Ceridwyn is a central character in the beginning of this story. As my wife is called Ceri (derived from Ceridwyn) and my son is called Tallis (obviously derived from Talisen), I thought it a good starting point. I have decided to not concentrate on the traditional story of Ceridwyn and Talisen but rather draw Ceridwyn up as a story character in her own right. I will concentrate on misadventures of Ceridwyn the witch, with her faithful sidekick, Mif the cat. I have a rough story mocked up on scrap paper and a few sketches already. I plan to try some pop-up images as well as traditional 2D stuff. Above is from the first set of sketches. So if you’re interested in the writing and design process, keep coming as I plan to keep up dating my progress.

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  1. Dear Tony,
    I'd love to see it!!
    Cheers, wink, wink,