Monday, August 23, 2010


Japan is hot, very hot. Even the locals are saying that this is an extremely hot summer. Im in Kanazawa today, I am heading to see a local shameisen manufacturer for research for some drawings im doing.
The Ceremony went well, it was good to catch up with old friends and make new ones. I was luck enough to talk to a few of the judges, they gave me some good insights on what they look for in entries and what they liked about my work.
I had an interesting experience here in Kanazawa last night. I stumbled across a small alternative gallery in a trendy alternative section of the city. Three young artist were having an exhibition. apart of the exhibition was community participation wall of card written or drawn on. People were invited to respond to the sheet that was blank except for the answewr to a question, [ ...... _ Human|.
When I sat down and unpacked my portable studio, water colours, pens and pencils, they were surprised. Appologies to the young artist as I haven not included their names.

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  1. Hi, bunch of Flowers,
    Congratulations!! Enjoy staying in Japan!
    Cheers, love and smile,