Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ceridwyn was a story concept that I have been working on. It is based on misspelling or misinterpretations of words. This is quite ironic as I am such a bad speller myself. My drafts are full of mistakes and I’m quite sure that any regular reader of this blog will have spotted quite a few.
Anyway, Ceridwyn is a witch who has magic fun with the linguistic mistakes that I make on a daily basis. I started out drawing Ceridwyn as an older character. After I had shown my first mock up to my agent, she suggested that I adapt a character that I had been working on for another story and draw Ceridwyn in this style as a younger girl.
After a few basic sketches I realised that she was right and that Ceridwyn was much more appealing as a younger character. So that’s where I am up to with her at the moment. I will update as things progress.

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  1. Hmm...I see a bit of Della and Gracie in that last picture!!