Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Clay Board

In an extension on my scrapper paper experiments. I have been playing with clay board. Now scrapper paper is like a version of scrapper board. As is clay board. With the clay board you start with a white board, coated in a fine ceramic film. Then you apply a couple of coats of your favourite ink (in this case a Langridge drawing ink (Carbon Black)). Once dry you scratch back though the black surface to reveal the white. It is a wonderful working surface. Where the paper version tends to grab you nib or scraping point as you scratch, the board is a much smoother working surface. This results in finer and has more fluid lines. I have created this image of the Owl and the Pussycat as it is one of my favourite poems. I plan to do some more illustrations from this poem.


  1. one of my all time favourites too Tony - we had it read at our wedding.
    if you have any of these for sale I'd be interested in looking!

  2. I only have the one Owl and Pussycat image. I will be working on some more in the future. But the next series of Scrapper board/clay board images will be for book with Random House. I'll update the blog with more Owl and Pussycat images when I have them. As I plan to put some together for an e-book.