Sunday, April 21, 2013

How to draw a Saurus Street dinosaur

I am often asked on school visits how I can draw so fast. Practice is the only real answer. Then question is what to practice? When I am not working on a specific project, I always just draw what ever comes into my head. My drawing alway based on the same underlying frame work. below is a simple step by step look at how I build up my images. This is a pretty standard way to draw. You will see this system described in great detail in many of the 'How to Draw' books on the market. If you want to get technical, the success of your final drawing will depend on how you make the final inked lines intersect (join) and composition. This will have a hugh (but subtle) effect on how a viewer reads the image.

So I suggest that you practice, practice and then practice some more. You will quickly start to jump steps as you form the image in your mind. eventually for simple drawings like this one you will be able to do all the sketch work in your head, then jump to the final inking stage (step 4).

However. When drawing more than one character, or a character in a setting. It is best practice to sketch the entire drawing in loose pencil planning (construction) lines first. This will ensure that the image is well composed and visual easy to read.

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