Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Saurus Street Book 6

Im am very close to finishing the 1st stage of drawing for book 6 in the Saurus Street series. I am posting a working drawing here to show some of my working process.

I normally start with a pencil sketch. I then like to select the lines that I think are working the best for the image, then ink the basic details. When selecting these inking lines, I am looking at character gestures, body position and readability of the image. This is the stage that this drawing has reached. I will clean up the image, by rubbing out the pencil work. Then I add the light and shade with water colour washes. the last stage is to do the final ink lining work. This last stage is where all the finer detail (if needed) is added.

Below is a finished example from a different illustration (same book)

You can see in this image the shadowing effect and ink detail. I will start continue to work on book 6 this week and hope to have all the drawings for the book finished by early next week.

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