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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

൩൩ Magazine

(above 'Frogs of War' A2,2009)
For anyone who has the time between now and early April, you should have a quick look at the 3x3 Magazines childrens illustration competition entery details. see
I have just entered a series of images from my Masters work ('Frogs of War' being one of them).

On Pop up matters I have just about finished my 'sketch' version of my Oshima Book. Most of the pop ups work well. I have started on some of the finished art work for the stick in/on elements. I will upload some images of my working process as well as the pop up workings soon.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Life is busy! My boys are back at school and I’m trying to work out my pop up designs for the Oshima Picture Book competition.
I have attached some draft or sketch ‘pop ups’ from the story that I’m working on. I will post a more detailed Blog soon about paper wheels and cams that can be used to create movements on a page.
Also if anyone is interested in a very prolific illustrator, you should check out my friend Sadami’s Blog at