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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Saurus St books 3 & 4 arrived in the post today

I think they are even better than books 1 & 2. Magpie Magazine also gave a great review so with very little media so far, things are looking good...
I've put some more inside pics here as it's no secret there are dinosaurs in the books, and as you can see the front covers, you might be able to tell what dinosaur is featured in each book!
Let me know if you're enjoying them.

I had lunch on Sunday with Nick Falk, discussing ideas in the hope that we'll be commissioned for more books, lots of mad ideas flying around. at this stage we can go wild but our editor Chris will reign us back in when the time comes, I'd never realised how important the editorial team is but they are the "spit and polish" on the books, they'd be good without the editor, but with her guidance, they are great & Nick and I really appreciate that.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Competition - what are the Saurus Street characters saying?????....(Hello to Hobart Cat Home from Miffy!)