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Monday, August 27, 2012

Draft pages school story

Sunday, August 5, 2012

School Story

(sorry about the blurry scan) The autobiographical part will look at some recent (last few years) events in my life that were unpleasant, absurd and unbelievable. These events will form a sub-story within a larger story. The sub-story will be a combination of actual records of the event and character studies of the individuals involved. So a Hollywood style disclaimer is called for; the events of this sub-story are based on fact. Only the names have been changed (ever so slightly) to protect the not so innocent and to avoid any legal defamation cases being aimed at me.
I have also changed the setting. This is to suit the main story thread. I am planning a historic/period story set in the small Tasmanian coastal town of Ulverstone. I was born in Ulverstone and spent most of my childhood there. There were a number of dominant features to the town that intrigued my young mind. First the clock tower that is the towns most prominent landmark, secondly the towns ‘space age’ playground/park, decked out with wire frame rocket and u.f.o. Please remember this was the mid to late 1970’s. The Internet wasn’t about. All my information about the world was either in books, movies or on television. So I didn’t realise that wire framed rockets were a popular addition to many playgrounds in Australia at the time. Also remember that mine was the mind of young imagination fuelled by dalek on Dr Who and the first release of Star Wars. Videocassette recorders (VCRs) weren’t even invented yet. For the younger reader these were strange devices that held cassettes of magnetic tape to record television (all 2 channels of it). They were later replaced by DVD recorder and now Personal Video Recorders (PVRs). This lack of recording technology meant that if you didn’t see it at the cinema or on television when it was broadcast, you missed it! No endless replaying your favourite movies over and over. No chance to re-watch anything new. As a result, things seemed to infuse your mind and fuel you imagination, well mine at least. I digress, sorry, What Im getting at is, I plan to write a science fiction story set in Ulverstone in 1977. The story will look at story behind the objects that intrigued me in my childhood and look at a fictional and hopefully funny science fiction story that explains why they were placed in this small town. The sub story with it’s basis in modern times has been relocated to my childhood school, East Ulverstone Primary School. The events will unfold as a part of a schoolyard squabble that gets out of hand. Hopefully all of this will come together in a humorous story that will have a boarder appeal than my own therapeutic need to create. I have added some character sketches of some of the sub-story characters. I will no doubt add more and show the stories development as I go. So check in for time to time to see the creative story development process unfold (or implode).