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Thursday, January 27, 2011


As I am illustrating in a variety of fields , I thought it best to separate my chalk board work off from my general illustration work, so I have creation of a new blog called ‘Chalk Flowers’. You will see the link on the right of this screen or click HERE to follow a direct link
I will post all of my future chalk board illustrations on the Chalk Flowers Blog and attempt to keep it updated.

Monday, January 10, 2011


Apologise to anyone who has been regularly checking this blog. Not much has change on it for some time. I have had a very busy end to the year (2010). I have a new contract with Harper Collins for a Jackie French book. The book is all about a dog, so I spent most of the end of 2010 chasing my old dog Lilly around with a sketch book and a camera. As poor old Lilly was getting on in years (12 and half) it turned out to be a very precious time with her, as she passed away on the 29th of December.
I felt very lucky to have had the last few months focusing on her even more than normal. I am also lucky in that a characterisation of Lilly with appear in the book (early 2012). This seems to be a fit legacy for an exceptional dog.
The hole that Lillys passing has left in the house is enormous. While sketching up roughs for the new book has often had me in tears, it has also brought many smiles and happy memories as I reflect on over a decade of shared experiences with her. I soon realised that I need to have a dog in my life. A new 12 week old German shepherd puppy, ‘Holly’ is that dog. Holly arrived just the other day, while many things she does reminds me of Lilly as a pup, I can see that she has her own personality and is just what I hoped for another dog not a replacement.
Already I have been sketching Holly’s start to life in the Flowers family home.
Above are a selection of Lilly photos and a small sample of the illustrations she inspired. She will be missed by all who knew her.